Optical shops are growing like mushroom in Malaysia, especially Klang Valley. There will be no sustainability without competitiveness. Each optical shop will have their own gimmick in gaining customers trust and loyalty.

One of the gimmick certain optical shops prefer to use is on the issue of contact lens base curve. Eye care practitioner will tends to get your eyes curvature measured and gives advice on the ‘correct’ contact lens base curve that you should use. I do not deny that contact lens base curve plays a role in ensuring your wearing comfort.

But, should you believe and follow bluntly on the advice given by eye care practitioner? The answer is NO!

Many eye care practitioners out there, are not contact lens wearers themselves. Hence, do you think they really understand how contact lens base curve affects the wearing comfort? Trust me, they don’t. Good enough if they give advice base on theory, but what make it worse is they give advice based on their own interest – manipulating patients mind.

Some contact lenses come with one standard curve while some come with two different base curve. For example, Acuvue Trueye have two base curve; 8.5 and 9.0. Which contact lens base curve should you use? Trying is knowing. Get the trial lenses of both curvatures from the eye care practitioner and try it out, before deciding which base curve to purchase.

Personally, according to calculation, I need to use contact lens base curve of 8.6mm. I decided to try Acuvue Trueye of both the base curve (BC) 8.5 and 9.0. I felt so comfortable wearing BC 8.5, as if no contact lens is in the eye. However, after wearing it for 8 hours, I noticed more red veins appeared and I started to feel uncomfortable and tired. The next day, I wore BC 9.0. Indeed, I did feel the lens in my eyes. But, I could wore the lens for almost 14 hours and yet still felt great. Thus, BC 9.0 would definitely be my choice!

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