Through research, each brand of contact lenses launched in the market is able to suit 99% of wearer in the market. Thus, without making patient confused, practitioner will normally recommend or choose the brand for u.

However, you are the one wearing the lenses. Thus, is your duty to let the practitioner know your feedback after using the lenses. Recommended that you always visit your practitioner for a routine check-up. Normally, initial wearer won’t face much problem because their eyes are still in a healthy condition. Nevertheless, if u found out that your eyes is at the strange redness, burning sensation, pain & vision disturbed, then you should refer back to the practitioner immediately.

For those long term contact lenses wearer, few years of history in using the lenses, your eyes automatically turn weaker. Why is this so? Ask yourselves. There’s lots eye complication that you hardly can see using your naked eye. Please don’t take for granted. Please do not be depended on lenses if possible. Treat contact lenses as a side dish, do not ever rely on contact lenses.

Few years back, Malaysia has yet to have the silicone hydrogel lenses. Thus, I believe, many wearers are using the normal hydrogel lenses. Due to the hectic lifestyle, seems like everyone is using the lenses for more than 12 hours per day. Thus, in long term, your eyes will become lack of oxygen. One problem will lead to the other. Then, you’ll notice that you can’t really tolerate the lenses like when u initially using it.

Thus, do change to silicone hydrogel lenses. Initial adaption may be necessary for certain individual. Request trial lens from your practitioner. Normally, when u purchase the lenses, ask them for a pair trial. Try it on first. If u really feel uncomfortable, then return back the unopened box & change it to other brand. I still believe, u ought to try to know which one is suitable for u. I don’t deny I do faced patient who are really not suitable for silicone hydrogel lenses.

Especially those patient who are using toric lenses. My brother tried on many many brand before he can finally get a satisfied vision on the left eye. Is normal that one eye is always giving more problem that the other. For him, the Bioclear Toric lenses from Sauflon is comfortable and gives good vision. Bioclear is a biocompatible lenses, mid range between normal hydrogel and silicone hydrogel lenses. Material will seems to suit his eyes better.

As for me, my vision is double whenever I used Air Optix Astigmatism. Get tired as well after 4 hours of wearing. But when i put on the Acuvue Oasys Astigmatism, vision is blur for the first few minutes. Because silicone hydrogel lenses need time to settle down properly on the eye. After that, vision is great and wonderful comfort.

U ought to try before knowing what’s de best for u!!!

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