At times, i really don’t understand why…

  • Why patient not willing to invest more in getting a better quality contact lenses?
  • Why patient wanna abuse the usage of contact lenses?

Don’t you know u only got a pair of eyes? Why never occur in your mind to appreciate your eyes? Kindly, please do not abuse the usage of contact lenses, e.g. wearing the lenses for too long hours everyday, no proper handling, poor hygiene, wearing lenses longer than recommended period, wearing lenses to sleep & etc. Abusing contact lenses means abusing your own eyes. Once tears layer affected, then your eyes will feel dry. None sufficient tears flow will cause insufficient oxygen entering the eye and debris accumulate in the eye. Then u’ll feel intolerant to use contact lenses. Eyes then easily exposed to bacteria and infections occur. In the end, you are the one going to suffer; the pain & burning a hole in your pocket. Worth it??? Just invest slightly more, get better quality lenses, follow practitioner instruction, then no problem.

Buy lenses according to your needs.

If u are not keen in cleaning your lenses and disinfect them properly, hardly wear the lenses or just occasional user,  then use daily disposable contact lenses. No soaking solution required. Convenient. Hygienic. It is more expensive, but at the end day, not much problem will occur to your eyes. No need to spend on medical fee.

If you already know, u need to use the lenses for long hours a day, due to your busy schedule, then use silicone hydrogel lenses. Why still use the normal conventional hydrogel lenses? Allowing more oxygen to your eyes can enable them to breath properly & maintain the function that they are created for. If really feel not so comfortable using 1st generation silicone hydrogel lenses (e.g. O2 Optix, Air Optix, or Pure Vision), then use the 3rd generation sillicone hygrogel lenses (e.g. Acuvue Oasys, Biofinity, or Clariti). Why you even bother wanna save cost? If really don’t wish to spend so much money, then do not even think of using contact lenses. Wear your spectacle!!

Always remember to put the blame on yourselves whenever u get an eye infection. Think back on how u handle the contact lenses. Don’t give yourself so much excuses or put the blame on contact lenses or even the practitioner. Worst, on those patients who always put themselves in getting eye infection from time to time. Feel ashamed with YOURSELF. Why can u be so irresponsible?

“Perhaps it is better to be irresponsible and right, than to be responsible and wrong”

-by Winstion Churchill-

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